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Not Geeting Orders While Having Good Impressions

I have a gig with good expression, and about 5 orders in 4 days. I have a good rating on all orders.

But I am not getting auto orders right now. Kindly tell me about issue and any other thing.

Thanks in Advance. :slight_smile:

Agreeing with @kjblynx - this isn’t the right place for this comment.

5 orders in 4 days is great… think about ways how you can increase the dollar amount on those gigs… offer better upsells or refer buyers to your other gigs after a positive experience with the first one.

What do you mean "auto orders?"

That does not exist, using Fiverr is like any other freelancer in business for themselves, it’s just that Fiverr brings you the traffic. It takes time to get sales. 4 orders in 5 days is really good, it sometimes takes months for some people to start getting orders.

Just keep making your gigs better and better, meaning go research the top sellers in your field and see what their gigs look like. The other thing you have to realize is that logo design is a really saturated market, so you really have to continue to make your gigs stand out.

Also, I do not understand, in your logo gig you say this : "I am a professional designer with 3 year experience. I have completed over 200 projects."

But then in your profile you say you are a team of designers. For me as a buyer that is a turn off because I have no idea if the person doing the work actually made the samples you show in the gig. So are you doing the design yourself or getting someone else to do it for you?