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Not get any order last 1 mothh


Hi was get order November 2018 that was 5 star after that last 1 month no order and i send 90 buyer request no order need help?



This might help:


Hello, I was interested in seeing you will do 500 photo retouches in six days for $900. How in the world would you retouch that many images, with all the things that go with that you offer, in six days? For one thing your packages seem unrealistic. And you also give unlimited revisions with that. You are superhuman to do that. That would stop me from buying.

Another says you will do 500 images in two days for $470. That’s impossible. People see that and think there is something terribly wrong.

How would you even have time to communicate with the buyer about 500 images and what they want done to them in six days? Then if you had to do multiple revisions on each one, you would be working on them the rest of your life. It sounds unprofessional and desperate.


Hello,hanshuber16 Don’t worry. This question is to all our you Get advice “fiverr customer support” they are You are advised. try on.
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Very good analysis like it…:slight_smile:


@misscrystal does have a great and solid point there. I saw somewhere on the fiverr blog about setting delivery time. What if like 5 buyers bought the ‘500 image’ package from you at once? Do you have time to do retouching to 2500 images in under 6 days WITH unlimited revision?

Like @misscrystal said, it does seem unrealistic and unprofessional. I’m pretty sure buyers aren’t looking to work with someone who seems like that.


Thanks a lot for show me my error