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Not get more order yet

I completed my first order 11 days ago but after it, i not get any order.


And what are you expecting us to do about that? It is YOUR responsibility to build and grow your business, and this includes reaching out to the target customers who need your services.

What are YOU doing to market and promote your gigs/services?


@jonbaas I am sending 10 buyer requests daily and my gigs impression is very good 1.1k.
My first order completed 100% and earn 5 review star.
seller communication 5 star.
service as describe 5 star.
would recommend 5 star.

keep sharing your gig apply to buyers request and most important be aggressively Patience
check below topic it will help you

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Have a look again at your tags - you’ve only got 2 - t shirt and textile.

Would any potential buyer actually search for the word ‘textile’ if they were looking for your service?


@shubhamdahale i applied same method already.

@offlinehelpers what you recommend, how many tag i will add.

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keep patience and promoting your gig in social media!

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I’m not sure how many you can have (it depends on your level I think) - I’m allowed 5 on each of my gigs and try to make sure I use them all.

Good luck! :sunny:

What are you sending out? Copy the last request and your offer.

While we analyze your offers, you can work on your profile

  • fix the grammar mistakes
  • I’d recommend removing “expert”. Who’s the best logo designer or someone who inspires you? Are you on the same level? It’s probably just me, but I can never call myself an expert unless I truly am one of the best in the world :slight_smile: (Experienced, knowledgeable, professional - sure, but not an expert)

@uxreview thanks for guideline.

You have to keep using the buyers’ request and promote massively on social media.
More importantly, never give up.
I believe you will eventually have success on fiverr. :slightly_smiling_face:

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same problem with me :frowning:

Then it’s the same answer, scroll up


i think its a bug i am seeing lots of sellers having this you should contact customer support for help

It’s not a bug - it’s just how Fiverr works. Sometimes you get lots of orders, sometimes you don’t like the old ‘feast and famine’ thing.

Poor old CS won’t be happy if sellers are contacting them saying ‘I’m not getting any orders - please fix it’! :wink::slightly_smiling_face:

ohh sorry theres been 2-3 post of buyers request i thought he replied to that
i was talking about buyers request :stuck_out_tongue:

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Dear i have completed only 2 order in last 60 days what i do give any suggestion??

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Just search for “How to get more orders in the forum” and you will be amazed at the wealth of information you’ll receive!