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Not get orders now can anyone help me

i got two orders in my first week
and then after that i am not getting order

can anyone help me or suggest me something

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check with your gig prices and what others. also try to offer something more than other seller’s gigs.

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i can try this but not working
ant other tip for me

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I’m also face same problem :disappointed_relieved:

Also me I have one months register, but no buyers :frowning:

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its ok we don’t have any other option

but i get 2 orders in my first week
after that i not get

I sold 7 times but now i moved my price up on a new gig. I’m curious how long will it take for me people to finally notice me

ok now you get orders or not

The gig is only 2 days old, I guess I need to wait for now

ok what you think to don next

I plan to just wait and while i wait i just surf on the fiverr forum

i send more than 85 buyer requests but got only 2 orders
tell me if there is any other way
or good method to send buyer requests


:hugs: :hugs: :mask: :mask:

My first order was made by my friend and I payed him, after that it was easy.

i not do anything like this i got orders by real clients

Your gig image quality is most important and title,tag description. you carfully filap this step.

any other tip for me

or you can tell me how to send effective buyer reques

and active more and more on fiverr.

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  1. Send daily 10 buyer requests
  2. And write in request what they want not use copy paste.