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Not Geting Orders

Hi team,
i created profile in mar 2020 as now not getting order only one order got also my gig not show in search result

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There may be various reasons for not getting orders.
(1) keywords are not optimised.
(2) gig created in the wrong category.
(3) gig images are not attractive.
(4) gig promotion is not done properly.
(5) too much competition in that category of service.
(6) not enough positive reviews.
(7) response rate, delivery time etc are not above 90%.
Analyse your gig and make things better. Setting up an effective gig takes time and patience. Please focus on the things I mentioned. Don’t worry, as you complete more and more orders with positive feedback your gig will rank upto the first pages.

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i would say create ur portfolio website…

I can help you also…

hi thanks for reply can you check this gig i did my best for creating

yes please how you can help me ?

You can see my reply and check your messages.

can you help me out to check my profile what is the reason