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Not getting 1st order

why i am not getting orders on fiverr?


Don’t worry…brother first of all your gig modify after then marking your gig and day by day then active the fiverr or fiverr forum then insha’Allah success in your got it first order.


Some of the reasons include:

  1. Your service might not be in demand
  2. Other sellers selling your services
  3. You need to have a 24 hour gig delivery service
  4. Maybe you need to learn more skills
  5. Utilize all the gig opportunities you have as a level 1 seller - add 7 gigs
  6. Search Engine Optimize your gigs for your keywords to rank higher on the Fiverr search
  7. Get Udemy courses and Amazon ebooks on how to succeed on Fiveer

Thank you. I hope this helps- from a fellow seller.


Promote your Fiverr ID on different social media platforms, and then send buyer request daily when you see in option box… :+1:

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Because review is so overrated in fiverr

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new seller :expressionless:

Don’t worry brother the first order will come surprisingly

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