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Not getting an order even after a lot of struggle

Hi, I created my account almost 3 months ago. And I created all the 7 gigs back then. After waiting for a month, I shared gig on social media.
So, I used to create a gig. And I Waited to get an order, and then after receiving no order I delete the gig and recreate it again. But still no chance of getting orders.

At this moment my achievement from Fiverr is only an order with a 5-star review.1order after 3 months sticking with a website is not good .Right?

I am sending buyer request daily. The thing is I am not getting any potential buyer.
I tried a lot of tips from the internet to make things work for me…
Here is my profile:
Do you have any suggestion?

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same here :frowning: not getting any order.I guess fiverr is not for new seller :confused:

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You’re focusing on completing tasks instead of focusing on creating value and appealing to your market.

People don’t get BRs just because they did them. They get them because they made a personal case and were credible to the Buyer. Are you just sending the same generic message to everyone and not addressing what their Request is about? Buyers HATE that and you will not sell that way.


not agree with you @humanissocial. tried several way to convinced buyer with work sample and convince them with some pro features also.But the main reason i believe they (buyer) don’t trust new seller with no rating.Really disappointing.

You don’t agree that Buyers want personalized, relevant responses to their request?

Just because you sent samples and “pro” features, that doesn’t mean you’ll get a sale. At all. That isn’t how you respond to a query, plus maybe your samples weren’t what they’re looking for?

And why would the experience you’re describing indicating that generic is more effective than personal?

It’s becoming clear why you aren’t getting sales.


you didn’t get my reply clearly…read again and don’t judged someone without knowing his work.

You responded to my point by saying that you “don’t agree.” My point was that personalized is more effective than generic. You said you disagreed with it and your evidence was that you sent samples.

That’s more than enough to see that you don’t know how to get sales. Your work is irrelevant. We’re talking about sales tactics, not work.

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look like you are a expert in sales…good luck.and FYI my work is not irrelevant.I repeat don’t judge someone without knowing.

I think maybe there is a misunderstanding here. What she’s trying to tell you is that selling yourself is extremely important, and when you’re doing that, you must focus on the buyer and the buyer’s needs. You can send out samples all day, but if it doesn’t match what the buyer is specifically looking for, they won’t pick you.

The work, the actual gig work that you do after you get a sale, comes after you’ve convinced the buyer that you have what they need. When she says your work is “irrelevant”, what she means is that you shouldn’t make it the focus of your pitch when trying to get a buyer to choose you. The focus should be the buyer.

I don’t know if that makes any more sense than what the other person was saying, but I wanted to clarify before you get offended or anything. I don’t believe she was trying to be insulting. Sometimes the feedback we get isn’t always what we want to hear. :wink:


Again, I wasn’t referring to your work being irrelevant. I was referring to a generic RESPONSE being irrelevant and your work being irrelevant to the conversation, which is about sales tactics. You keep misinterpreting what I’m saying and I suspect this is a language barrier.

I’m not an expert in sales, no, and spare me your sarcasm. You only need basic sales skills to know that generic does not perform better than personal and it’s highly problematic to suggest otherwise.

Thanks, @goodgift. That’s right.


I always read buyer request carefully and send proposal with the relevant requirements.Without knowing someone you can’t judge someone or his work.

Okay, well, I think it’s time to close the discussion. No one here is judging your work. At all. Period. I don’t know why you keep thinking that. We’re trying to help you. If the only thing you can say is that you’re doing what we’re saying, then maybe it’s just not your time for sales right now.


Same here not getting orders :frowning:

maybe you need to press down the price :slight_smile: ….…
but other seller will hate you… haha don’t mind it, just my crazy opinion… :slight_smile:

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:wink: I appreciate your help and support