Not getting an order


I am trying from last week to sending buyer Request but unfortunately i am not getting a single order to do :frowning: What Should i do Please Guide Someone :frowning: My url:


Look for more Buyer Requests. promote what you do on social media. Speak to people locally about your service and how you can help. Design logos for charities for free and build your network. Set up a website and link traffic back to your Fiverr gigs.

Don’t stop until you have a bank of happy clients and you are delivering gigs several times per day.


How to build and deliver free to charity.


Just ask the charity. Get your work and your name out there - associate it with something good.


Okay Thanks :slight_smile: I will try my best.


I got first order Thank you very much :slight_smile: sir!!! and got best seller tag on my gig related to order :slight_smile: