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Not Getting any buyer. Not getting any reply from the offer that i have sent


Hi. I am not getting any buyer since I have created my account. Moreover, I am not getting any order from the buyer that I have sent offers for. Please help me. How can I improve and get order from buyer.


What are you doing to market and promote your gigs? Are you out there, in the world, or elsewhere on line, working to connect to the people who need your services? If not, then you’d better get out there and start doing that – before your competitors gain those customers, and leave you with nothing. :wink:

Businesses promote their services to find new customers. You need to do that too.


Check out topics on the forum that can help you get orders from buyers. There are hundreds of them.
Also, be patient. You are not the only person on Fiverr. You may not be getting response from buyers because other sellers gave better response than you did.


I agree. It always irritates me when sellers pop on the forum and act as if they are entitled to customers and that buyers should just throw their money at them simply because they have a gig.

Probably 80-90% of all of the work that I do is marketing work, and that is done for free. I write articles on my blogs, on other sites, I guest post on occasion, I try to manage my social media, get known on other platforms, etc. Most of my time is spent writing these things that I don’t get paid a dime for, but that ultimately makes me better known to people who might be looking for a freelancer.

It irks me when someone jumps on the forum and goes “Ok, so I created a gig and asked a few people in the BR for work, now what?”

If people are not going to put forth the massive effort needed to get more clients, why are they here?


Great words. I feel like this is something new sellers should know, but unfortunately don’t. I am new to Fiverr but not new to my niche. I am trying my best to market my new gigs as best as I can. I have been lucky to get a few sales in my first week by working hard. Hopefully I can find continued success doing exactly what you said.


Exactly. …