Not getting any buyer request and not any order


Hello !! Everyone. I am not getting any buyer request for so long . I am doing marketting a lot but not getting any buyer request or orders. please can any of you check my gig and tell me what is the problem it will be very helpful. Thanks in advance.


Sir , You should spend most of your time on forum and keep sharing your gigs on social media , so i hope you will get orders,
Thanks Sir


Check this out:


I share my gigs on social media but don’t stay that much in forum sir. by the way thanks for ur comment.


Show us your gig, maybe you have some errors, bad description or something else.


Here is my gig link :


You have only 3 pictures in gig. Other sellers with gig with that purpose, have better portfolio than yours. Make your portfolio on flick website, and put link in gig description. You are graphic designer, create more gigs, for example “logo, business cards…” Portfolio and gig description are so important.


ok. Thankyou very much for your advice. I will as you said.


Try to accept any advice from this forum. Today I’m make some changes on my GIGS, I’m edit my description as best I could. So, I hope someone will order me.


ok. I think my description is ok. I just need to exchange my thumbnails.


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