Not getting any buyer response?


Hi everyone

I know it’s a simple thing at fiverr not getting buyer response during bad times but my question is are you guys also facing the same problem? :thinking:

I got 2/3 messages from different buyers every single day but for the past 2 months I did not get much !

dont know what’s the problem

please share your experience if you are facing the same problem for the past few months :slight_smile:


did you edit anything from your gig description? if yes i will huge you to go and change it back to how it was before.


Are you appealing to the needs of your target customers, or are you just begging them to buy from you? If you want a genuinely interested response from your potential buyers, you need to let them know how you can solve their needs and help them.

Most new sellers seem to think that Fiverr exists to give them easy money from any buyer they sees their gigs. The truth, however, is that you – as a freelancer – are NOT here to become rich. Fiverr is NOT an easy money website, and buyers don’t owe you anything. You are here to help your buyers obtain the work solutions THEY need. And if you build a strong reputation as a seller that can help others, you will get paid for your efforts.

Please take some time to learn how business ACTUALLY works, instead of expecting wealth, orders and riches just because you want them.

Successful businesses are about helping others solve problems. Any other mindset is likely to lead to failure and a lack of sales or orders – as you seem to be experiencing right now.


I did change it like 2/3 months ago


Thanks for your suggestions