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Not getting any contact from gigs views or buyer requests since last 6 months

Hello everyone,

I am new to the forum. My profile fiverr is old but I did not use forum in the past. But now I think fiverr forum is the best place to find answers to my questions. I am almost regular on fiverr since last 6 months. But I am not getting client knocks or orders. In the last 6 months I applied to lots of buyer requests, and I have 7 active gigs in my profile now, but I am really confused that I never get any knock from my gig views or from the buyer requests I apply.

Few days ago I contacted fiverr customer care asking that why my gig impressions are absolutely low. They replied and said that they have forwarded my complaint to the concerned department. After few moments they said that my gigs are now active and available on fiverr platform. I updated my gig tags, descriptions, title, category, service type and also lower the price, but no luck, I am not getting any knock from the clients.

The buyer requests I apply on, they never contact me. I understand that buyers can get a lots of requests, but I am not getting a single knock. Here I am adding a screenshot of how I write my proposals…

I am studying blogs, watching videos to improve my proposal writing, and gig description, but still could not make a good approach. Kindly have a look at my profile and/or gigs and please suggest my that how do I improve myself to get orders. Thank you all.

I just passed by your gigs and the first advice i can give you is: Take more time to produce more quality gig description. Express exactly what you are going to provide, what’s different from different gigs if possible and if you want, you can even explain your workflow.
Tell them what they will get and not get from your gig.

Note - Remember that quantity is not the same as quality. Not saying that your work isn’t good, but providing more gigs wont necessary mean that you will be getting more sales.
You can compress all those 7 gigs and work better on the package of your gigs.