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Not getting any custom offer

Hello everybody ! I’ve been using fiverr since may 2019 and till today’s date I haven’t received even a single custom order. All my orders were through Buyer request. Can anybody please suggest me what’s wrong with my gigs ? Or is there anything else . Any help will be appreciated.

Are you asking khurram7844200 about his grammar to be helpful, or are you inquiring with sarcasm? If English is not his Native language, he may have some grammatical errors when writing. We all do not have the same educational and cultural backgrounds. Therefore, you should expect some differentiation in language, word choice, and communication.


Ah, I was inquiring. Thank you for catching that. And you’re completely in the right on calling me out for the vagueness and lack of clarity.

I was, indeed, intending to prompt a direction. If he updated a week ago vs a year ago, for example. I should have elaborated and explained that I was asking because one of the better methods of self-editing is stepping away for a good chunk of time as it’s easier to to catch errors. Also because if he last edited when he made them, he’s probably improved and, again, can catch errors.

I apologize, OP, if/that I came off as sarcastic.

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Instead of correcting my grammar you should’ve answered my query or else it was better if there wouldn’t be any reply from you. I think I should delete this post.

My suggestions -

  1. Change gig images. Please don’t put some random images.
  2. You need to rewrite gig description.

I hope it will help you.

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Thank you so much for you suggestion.

I am level one seller and I also haven’t get any custom offer. All my buyer’s from buyer request

Same is the case with me. I’ve completed almost 30 orders and all I got were from buyer request. :joy:

I,m new seller as well, 1 month ago I have created my first gig. Complete 9 orders in which 7 were from returning customers.
What I have learnt in this short period that just do your best to satisfy your customers, I know in starting it’ll be hard because you’ll work more & get paid less. But once they’ll become your regular clients you’ll paid off.
Like a buyer gave me trial order of 30$ its was my first order so I did my best once he satisfied he gave whole project to me worth more then 1000$.

I agree with nafishasan about your gig images and description. I only looked at your main description not the actual gig description. You should make the description about your skills, talents, and experience more engaging. Show potential buyers that you are passionate and serious about your work. If you need help with wording and flow, I can help. No big deal.