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Not getting any customers to my gig pls help

I am about a month yera old on fivver and created my gig on about 3 weeks ago but didnt get any customers any tips or suggestions.

pls help.

Don’t spam and do not post the same thing more than ones, dork.

Go check buyers request. .don’t post work here or spam…as you heard…

I am too new on fiverr and offering my gigs of $50 in just $5 to get orders at start. Do send buyer request in efficient way. Read their description carefully and bid accordingly.
Hope this helps.

try to use buyers request. But do not advertise there. just try to reply buyers request with your service… you will get more orders…

Buyers requests.

And lose the pls, plz, 4 and crap like this. It irritates people.

I will advise you use the buyer’s request and also take your time in understanding what he or she wants so as to respond properly to what they want. I hope this works

I am very sorry guys,i am not spamming here i am new to fiverr and fiverr forum.I pasted my gig here because i want you to take look at it and give me any tips,suggestion to how to improve my gig to get orders.