Not getting any emails from Fiverr


Within the past week or so, I have received about 3 orders which is great, but I haven’t received a single email

from Fiverr telling me about the order. Usually I get the “Congratulations, so and so has ordered your gig!” message in my email box, but recently, I’m getting none of those. I checked my junk file just in case too, but again nothing.

I log into Fiverr every morning anyways so I haven’t missed a single order, and it’s not THAT much of a problem, I did send a message to customer support today ( currently waiting for their reply), but I was wondering, how many people out there has the same problem??


Fiverr really needs to fix this issue. I mean, I can still check eveything withing the site itself, but email notifications about new orders and order updates are really helpful to keep track of things properly and effortlessly.

I really miss email notifications. Right now I only get withdrawal confirmation emails (at least).