Not getting any gigs


its been a week and till now i didnt recieve a gig order i tried going to buyer request and offered people my gig but still didnt get any reply and i tried to search my gig and i didnt find it on any of the fiverr pages



  1. Delete this from your profile: “please order i am desperate xD”
    ‘Desperate’ is not a good marketing strategy.

  2. Everything you write should be in perfect English. 100% error free. Ask a native English speaking friend to proofread. Or, hire a proofreader from Fiverr to do this.
    It will make all the difference.

For example, description of basic package (cartoon):
ill draw you any cartoon you like outlines only --------> I’ll draw any outline cartoon.

Luck :heart:

Also I wrote 2 posts that might help you:


May’s tip 1 definitely, and if you can´t find your gigs in search anyway, check your tags and maybe change them a bit, tags are supposed to be(come) very important, see here: Search Tags - Update , maybe editing them will nudge your gig to be in search again…

But remember, when you edit a gig, it can take a day or so until it will show up in search (again).


My first sale came after 1.3 months. Just do your best and never leave hope.


ma’am thank you very much for the advise, i look forward to a better future in fiverr


thank you miiila i’ll definitely work with your advise


Here’s a list of tips I found helpful:

  1. Take a look at your competitors, and see what options, prices, styles, titles, and galleries are most successful. Try implementing similar aspects (as well as coming up with new catchy titles and basing it off of your goals of course)
  2. Practice doing what your gig offers. This will create vital gallery images that will showcase your work/ability better than other images of your past unrelated work
  3. After doing your very best with creating a professional-looking gig, post a link to it on the My Fiverr page ( by copying and pasting the link of the preview of your active gig and putting in a nice title and description. This will get ppl to click on your gigs more often (which you probably know is shown in the selling>gigs section), which means more potential for orders.
  4. Go to the buyers request arena ( and see if there are any requests for gigs that you offer/can do. Then message them and hopefully they will answer and order your gig!
  5. Post the link everywhere on Facebook, Twitter, whatever. Go join groups dedicated to Fiverr, go post it to your websites, tell your relatives and friends!
  6. Wait. Patience is important!! Your first order will come if your gig is good enough! I got mine 3 days after signing up for Fiverr and posting my first 2 gigs. My gig got around 25 views before my first order.

Hopefully this helped! I’m a new seller, and just got my first order (WOOHOOOO!!!) today earlier this evening.


Maybe a bit more details about your gig and the descriptions.