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Not getting any impressions or clicks

Hello everyone. I am a relatively new seller and I have been facing a strange problem. Initially I scored a few orders from here and there and after getting a few reviews my profile sky rocketed and I got a lot of traffic on my video editing gig. When I checked the graph I saw that I was having over 2000 impressions in a day. It was more work than I could handle so I had to refuse some clients from taking their work. After a few days my impressions dropped to just 15. From 2000 to 15 that’s a very big jump and I have not been getting much. Now I only receive orders from my permanent clients and am not getting any new messages.

Below is the link to my video editing gig

As you can see that I have over 40 good reviews. Can anyone explain why this is happening?

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its because of the new gig advertising that started about 1 month ago. I used to get more than 2,000 impressions per week, now its about 220-250 per week with no messages and orders.

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