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Not Getting any job

From 2014 still now I do not get any job
Whats happend

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Have you even done anything at all to get a sale? Because if you just waited 3 years to get a sale without doing anything to actually get it, that’s not the way Fiverr works.

Waiting for orders is not going to get you orders, because Fiverr does not guarantee any orders - Fiverr expects you to be a #doer, to do something yourself to get clients and sales :wink:

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You should change your profile pic maybe?

Just my 2 cents.

Cheers mate…


You posted this in Community Events, not the right place.
Post moved to Improve My Gigs.

Oh my goodness! :hushed:

You tell us, what have you been doing for such a long time? What are you offering here on Fiverr?

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you need to start promoting your gigs off fiverr


tried to promote any of your gig??
used buyers request???
Its hell of a time…!!!

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wait up…!!!
your profile says that you created account in late 2015…
still, I saw your gigs

  1. Gig 1 Website design
    in first gig…you said that you will create website…
    and in that you described you expertise…
    do one thing that make separate gigs for Wordpress website creation…and coded website creation…and PSD to Html

  2. In C language gig…you described definition of c and c++
    do yourself a favor and describe what YOU will or are offering in that gig…

  3. also add search tags and add seo title to your gigs.

this will be basic working…and will improve chances of selling…


You need to make use of buyers request and you also need to work hard to get a sale. I suggest that you visit the academy to find out what else you can do. Good luck!