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Not getting any knock from 30days

Getting an impression and clicks into my gig. But I don’t know why I am not getting any knock.
I am doing marketing as usual about my gig. I followed all the criteria for my gig.
If any experienced person provides me any suggestions regarding this I will really thankful.


Your gigs are based on Wordpress. There are 81,000 other sellers offering the same. I would suggest that there are too many sellers for the market. To put it another way, you have immense competition for work.

Another thought, you are offering to design an entire membership based website for $5. Your price is way too cheap by Western standards. Most sensible buyers would avoid your gig for this very reason. You’ve got to remember that in many countries $5 buys a takeaway coffee. I was in London two weeks ago, and a coffee cost me £3.50 - about $5.

Sensible buyers do not expect an entire complex website for the price of a takeaway coffee. They would expect it to be terrible for $5.


keep pancreatic. success will come soon inshaallah.