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Not Getting Any Order Even ranked on 1st Page


       I have been working on Fiverr for last six month and I have worked very hard to bring my Gig on the first page on Fiverr but I am not getting a single order. 

      Can anybody help me what is the problem?


It may be that no one is looking for the service you offer … or they’re just not using your keywords …

Try these articles for some useful tips:

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Hello @megavid12345,
I got your issue and I think you are ranking on a keyword that NO ONE in Fiverr looking for that service.
If you describe me your gig and your keyword you got ranked then maybe I can suggest you some tips.

Thanks :blush:


Thanks for the reply. I am ranked for the Keyword " Data Entry". My gig Url is: Here

Please help me If you can.


I just saw your gig ranked in page 1 that is top 50 gigs in your keyword “Data Entry”, I think you got this position or ranked just now or 1-2 hours back so I suggest give time to this and it will definitely give you good results and sales

Thanks :+1:

Thank you very much.