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Not Getting any order for last month

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That profile picture you now have looks fake. You are a guy apparently, with a beautiful woman’s picture for your profile.

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Why can’t a guy use a woman picture as his profile photo?!

I hope you’re joking. Because where is the trust he’s building with his buyers?

Umm let’s do a quick comparsion:
You’re using a stylized picture of yourself and you have 12 reviews after 4 months.
I’m not using my picture, just a weird symbol and I have 772 reviews after 16 months, not to mention my gig is extremely expensive compared to most others.
Where’s the trust that you’re building with your buyers?

That weird symbol looks like a logo. Logos are fine (if it’s not a Starbucks logo or something). Photo of yourself is fine. A drawing of yourself is fine. Photo of someone else is dishonest.

If a designer uses a photo of someone else as their profile photo, I can’t help but wonder if the design they offer will be made by them, or if they will just steal something from Internet. With so many designers on Fiverr, why would a buyer choose someone who might not even know what copyright is?

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Don’t compare your level 2 seller account with mine. You can clearly see that i’m kind of a new seller who didn’t yet settle into the platform.

However, let me give you an example of a “stylized picture” of a level 2 seller with 1489 reviews. Please have a look at gig_freak account.

You can’t compare a seller who’s adding a stylized picture or a logo with one who’s adding a fake picture which doesn’t belong to him/her. If i’m a buyer, and I recognize that. I won’t trust him to handle my order. You don’t know what you’ll get from a seller who’s adding a fake profile picture.