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Not getting any order from 4 months

Not getting any order from 4 months, but Already sent 330+ buyer requests.
Now, what should I do? plz, suggest to me.


You should give the buyers Understand well what the buyer has said in his request and respond accordingly.

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Maybe you need to improve how you write your offers.

  1. Don’t send an offer template, specialize each offer to suit the buyer request.
  2. Don’t talk about you a lot, address the buyer’s pain points and how you are going to help
    This topic has been discussed many times before I’m the forum. Search the forum and you’ll find even more advice and tips.
  1. SEO optomize all your gigs

  2. Use all 7 gigs

  3. Personalize each buyer request bid

  4. Share to family and social media

  5. Stay active


Wonderful suggestions.Its really helpful.

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