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Not getting any order from mew buyer

Hello there, I don’t know why am I not getting any order from new buyer and whatever I got three orders from only old buyers. My impression and clicks are getting down day by day. so please can anyone tell me?

You must promote your product.

Gigs is an industry service.
Where has a tough competition.
If your gigs do not attract buyers’ eyes.
Your click will go down.
Your order will also decrease

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Where should I promote any Idea? I do but not getting any good result. Please help me now.

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I promote my services on social signals and blogs.

Where do you promote your services?

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I only promote on Fiverr facebook groups, Twitter (twice in a day),Google plus. (twice in a day)

I never promoted on any blog. Can you give me the idea in this regard?

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You are several places named with sponsored tweets and blog reviews.

You can create a free blog from blogger and start promoting your gigs

You’re a level 2 seller in social media marketing, SEO and website traffic.
If you can’t figure out how to promote your own gig then why would anyone buy your services?

PS. Move it under “Improve My Gig”