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Not getting any Order in my Gigs


Hello guys. As I created this account long ago, but I have made the gigs just about 6-7 days before but I am not getting any orders. I don’t know why but my gigs get views and impressions but no one order for my service. I think they are not believing me. Can anybody help me how to be loyal among the community as I will be providing good services for them :slight_smile: :smiley:

Link for my profile :

Any suggestion is appreciated!!!
Please help me :slight_smile:

Samir Kharel


A couple of tips:

  1. Have a separate gig for each service you provide.

  2. Include as many realistic samples as you can. Try to show customers exactly what they’ll get from you. For your photo recouching gig, perhaps include samples that show before and after.


you can share your gigs on social media sites to make it popular among people


I’m also facing Same problem dont know what to do


yes bro,I dont know why we are not getting any orders -_- :frowning:


Thanks for your suggestion, I would probably include that…