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Not getting any order till now!


I have spent 5 months on fiverr with 3 gigs but till now i had not recieved any work so please kindly resolve this issue that why i have to struggle this much.


I’m sorry to hear you wasted 5 months doing something that didn’t work.
The good news is that all the tips on how to get orders have been documented on this forum so all you need to do is read and follow the guidelines.

You can start with the topics listed under this category


Thanks buddy i think that this will solve some of my problems.


Same happened with me not getting order till now :frowning:


I will agree with shubhamhatej



Suggest you change the above sentence from below your profile image as it does not come across as very professional and may put buyers off.


okk i will change it
by the way thanks for advice.


Hello there,

You need to constantly work on your profile and your gigs description, portfolio and packages and be as professional as you can and i am sure you will get some work soon!


Thanks a lot dude
Can you provide any more guidelines and information for being successful on fiverr.It will help me a lot.