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Not getting any order!

hello friends. my name is hrutik. I am doing too much hard work to create an gig and also to learn new skills but still I don’t have getting any order. I am upset and demotivate now. please help me and tell me what can I do? and how work on fiverr.?

also checked my following gigs and please provide your feedback.



-you’ve just started this month, so you won’t get orders very often at the moment
-there might not be much demand for the services you provide
-on “I will do niche base active email collection”, i simply don’t understand what your service is
-on “I will do everything on microsoft excel”, what’s a ‘data entry operator’?
-give your gigs their own description, you’ve just copy pasted them and changed some things


This is my new gig this month. I joined fiverr on April and hoping for the best. Am learning from you guys.

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thank you so much for your valuable feedback.

thank you so much for your valuable and imp feedback.