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Not Getting any ORDER

Hey guys I made my Fiverr account in starting of May 2015. I have some good gigs but problem is I am not getting any Order. Please Help me!

@humzadogar in start you need to work hard to get first order…

In start make delivery to 1 day … how often your delivery your chances to getting order is High.

start to submit buyer request some people get order in hours after submitting buyer request. I got my first order in 3 days after promoting my gig on social media…

Reply to @humzadogar: No harm. Good luck.

Reply to @humzadogar: No problem. It’s nice that you edited the misunderstanding. :slight_smile:

Hello, There is no issue if you not received any sells yet, You need to promote your gigs on social media as well and post some quality gigs and must be follow fiverr guidelines, I am sure you get good sells.

Good Luck :slight_smile:

you have to be patient on fiverr, it took me a long while to get my first order.

Reply to @inspiredtony: Can You please View my Profile :

If you find any Mistake, So please tell me!

There are 48,000+Sellers who will “design a professional logo”.

There are more than 4000 Sellers who design a “stunning facebook cover”.

There are 18 Sellers providing “clipart” 1200 Sellers providing “clip art”.

There are almost 2000 Sellers who will “make a 3d book cover”.

There are 1100 Sellers who will create a "signature"

There are 1700 Sellers who will create an “outstanding logo”.

Reply to @ricksper: Thanks!!

In fiverr, it takes a lot of patience to make it. I started my fiverr account in 2012 but didn’t activate any gigs until May 2014. Then it wasn’t until around June or July 2014 that I began receiving orders.

Aside from patience, it’s best to deliver quickly while you’re still starting. The moment a client orders, work on it right away to build your reputation. With patience and hard work, you’ll get those requests coming in. Best of luck!

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@ricksper is helping you. With that much competition you need to do something to stand out. He was pointing out that you should do something different, maybe something that you’re really good at.

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Reply to @humzadogar: Just pointing out the number of competing sellers there are. On search results Fiverr displays about 50 Gigs per page. You should be able to calculate how many pages a buyer may have to scroll through to find your Gig.