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Not getting any order


i am wonder i did well job in fiver at starting. i delivered them on time and also i have 100% positive rating every thing is good but suddenly i don’t get any order why is that?


Patience and Buyer requests are you two main options. other than these make sure your Gigs are properly structured.
Good Luck


thank you


I wasn’t getting any buyers one time so I went to the buyer request section. I was able to secure 3 clients that way. Stay active in the buyer section and let them know how you can help them.
Everyone mentions their skills but list the value you add, how many people can you reach in an hour? or how many items you can create an hour? Boast things like that! :slight_smile:


thank you very much i will try


Buyer request, research your category and adjust your gig based on what you find. Ask people who are successful for help.


just keep working on it day by day by engaging others and taking request you will get there man!


Stay active and go buyer request section.