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Not getting any orders after suspending the gig


Last month I had to pause my gig because of the exams. I reactivated it after 40 days and it was there in the same ranking place for a few days. Suddenly it went down and now it is so down on the search results and even I can’t find it. Now I am not getting any orders at all.

I do content writing on Fiverr and I had the most rated ‘express’ content writing service in Fiverr (380+ positive feedback in about 5 months).

I am paying my college fees from Fiverr income and this is very frustrating. Can someone help me with this?

Will I be able to get it back to the same place by adding a video?


When you suspend a gig it will put the search rankings down ALOT. I would never suggest suspending a gig, the best thing to do is add more time onto the delivery this way your standings dont fall


Reply to @shawnecannon: Thank you for the reply. I thought of doing that, but I have an express delivery gig. It is the most rated “express” content writing gig on Fiverr, so I paused it to save the express status. Can I get it back on the search results by adding a video?


Absolutely adding a video and maybe updating your description a little will make it fresh and MAY increase its position again. Adding video is a must!


Reply to @ozzieuk: Thank you, I will add a video tomorrow.


No Worries ! Good Luck !


This also explains some of my suspended gigs in the past.


Reply to @shawnecannon: Totally untrue. I suspend my gigs all the time. One of them is usually suspended 4 out of 7 days a week and my search ranking has never dropped after reinstating a gig. As a matter of fact, the opposite is true. When you alter a gig in any way it drops in rankings. Then, it either climbs back to where it was or keeps falling. Odd, I know. But I know this is the case because I’ve tested it time and again over the last year. Plus, like I said earlier, I suspend all the time and never loose my place after I re-activate it. Sometimes, randomly my gigs drop in search with nothing to do with suspending them. So far they’ve always come back up though. I think it has to do with people adding new gigs. (I could be wrong, but for me it’s always been like this)


Reply to @bigbadbilly: Scary. I edit my gigs all the time. That just stinks.


Hmm editing gigs does seem like a more logical reason to lower it’s search rankings. If you make too many frequent edits, it can make you a flaky seller. I’ve had the same problem, where I went away for a week, suspended my gigs, came back, made a few changes before reactivating them and now I’ve only had 1 gig in the past 4 days.

A big drop in income for me. Sometime I think Fiverr forget that this is people’s incomes their playing around with.


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