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Not getting any orders even though I optimized my gig


Hi there guys!
I am not getting any orders and I do not know what’s going wrong. Can you take a look at my gig and suggest me any thing I should improve?
Thanks so much


You’re competing with 4260 sellers in the same space so you must have niche or focus area of specialization to differentiate yourself with other competitors. Try expand your gigs into twitter, fb and insta social management. Then get social proof and testimonials from your previous customers outside Fiverr platform (Shouldn’t be that hard since you have 5 years of experience, I’m sure you can get few). Another thing you can do is perform research to create USP and just fill the gaps left by your current competitors in fiverr so your customers see more value in your gig for the same price or bit higher but still appealing for them to try it out.


hello, @katiaferhati just now I visite your gig. you are offering is a very common service :pensive:, The competition level of this service is too high so that you should give proper description of your gig and there is no FAQ on your gig try to add those and also try to add a gig video fiverr says that a gig with video boost 200 times more than an ordinary one.

Hope This tips will work for you :grinning:
Best of Luck :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Ruhul Tusar


I have already a gig video. Is it not shown?


oh sorry i missed it. than you should add 2 more picture and 2 PDF so thata client get a clear idea about your service and do social media ,arketing as ,uch as possiable