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Not getting any orders for past 1 year

Hello, everyone, I am Niranjan a passionate video and photo editor I had got work on Fiverr on June 2018 after that I didn’t get any orders. Now my gig impressions are also very low. And now I am very upset and starting to lose faith in Fiverr. Can anyone suggest some tips and tricks to improve my status and help me to get some orders…

Have you deactivated your gigs? Be online. Orders will come soon…

If you are not getting orders then there is definitely something wrong with your gigs. So I would advise to look at your gigs properly and fix them, change descriptions or your portfolio to make clients more interested in buying your service.

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Hey mate

That’s alright, dont feel disheartened. The freelancing market is pretty saturated right now.

I’d suggest you look at a multitude of ways to market yours gigs, eg. social media, blogging, so as to create web traffic.

Look at the content of your gigs as well. Are they making sense/grammatically correct etc?

Wishing you well

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