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Not getting any orders, HELP! is my account Dead?

I’ve created fiverr gigs after a lot of research & many other things yet I’m not getting any orders, I’ve been on fiverr for so long, I’ve created my account since January of 2019 , I’ve improved my skills, changed a lot of portfolio images, upgraded a lot of times, changed description a lot of times from genuine to copy paste, even tried unlimited revisions and changed my budget for like the minimum of 5$, I’ve tried almost everything but not getting any orders, I don’t know if there is something about ranking or rotation even SEO keywords or it’s just that my account is Dead or something, If someone genuinely wants to help then response otherwise please don’t waste your time


Change your profile URL here. Your gig images look sharp.

I’ve created my multiple times using multiple url’s by resesrching the available in my selling range but nothing boss

You made me giggle calling me Boss. So this is for you:

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video unavailable :frowning:

What’s the difference between your gigs? By having duplicate gigs, you’re hurting yourself. You’re also trying to pack everything into one gig. Why?

Another experiment last gig was like with single Url With different specified tags of my Gig range so I thought giving it all that even One could at least be associated with the search I guess

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I am facing same problem, do you have any impression? I only have 5 for first day, and 0 for second day. for my other gig, I created yesterday, till now it still with 0 impression? could anyone help me? thx

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Oh jeez, give it some time. Rome wasn’t built in a day - nor did it disappear in a day.



180 Impressions Zero click, when I’ll find the solution I’ll share

Thanks, you are right, I am just wondering, if I need to do sth or just waiting , I am new in Fiverr.

Thanks, buddy, hope you can resolve ur problem soon. I am looking forward for your experience. :grinning:

its 2021 bro, i created my ID back in January 2019, however I created multiple gigs over times, improved gigs description everything Now my new active gigs are also a lot older for the maturity of gigs (if there’ a thing like that) plus I also contacted fiver customer support even briefly described everything via mail that’ why I posted thid to get Help If you want to help then please give me something that would actually help me NOT FALSE Information like favorites exchange bulls*** because i got one account banned for that & I think Rome didn’t took that much time
Have a good day Bro

a lot of people just misguide you I don’t know why but they do it don’t fall for those like favorites exchange, fake orders & other things I hope you’ll do great Thanks

Whoa whoa whoa there.

If you are a ban dodger, you shouldn’t be operating on Fiverr period, “bro.”


@luckey7m Well, if you have no idea what to do and there is nothing you can think to do (better than writing panicked vague Q in forums hoping for a simple answer) then follow the advice of the iChing: do nothing.

Don’t allow do nothing to become a habit, but for a day or so it can be a very good thing to allow you to let go of the fear that holds you.

Allow yourself to find the real question, the real issue. Most problems are only a problem because we are looking at the wrong thing. Trying to solve the wrong thing.

Me: when unsure what to do and I have tried to rest my fevered brain, I do things like offer help in the Forums as after a while I see a pattern that I can apply to myself - my situation. I can then ask myself why I am doing it that way and if there is not a better way. A way that is more focused on who I am and who I want to serve.

Read widely. Solutions are never head-on (tiger head or otherwise). They are always the thing you are trying not to deal with which will be showing itself to you but sideways.

@syed_alii_shah I am giving you helpful info. Above I was replying to luckey7m. Much of what I just wrote here to him does apply to you too.

You haven’t found your center yet. I can see that in your gig images. That comes across also in the way you highlight just about everything in your wording. Like you can’t trust that the right thing could be seen and happen. I know that all too well.

Definitely, never get involved in trying to play the player - as in game-the-system. As that is like the Country song: I cheated me right out of you.

Your account is not dead. There is no such thing. Stop thinking it. It is panic.

I think maybe you are going in the wrong direction. You appear to have talent, skill but maybe there is another thing that you are better suited to than this exact Gig. What about album covers (everything is music with me being a MIx Engineer and Composer) I see things all day with people wanting cover art drawn. Sure many are insane but seems to me that you draw those triggers by hand you can draw what they want - or lead them to what they need.

Come at this sideways.

I see @enunciator commented. That is an interesting Q and might hold some clues as I have noted above.


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yeah It was worth the try man to be honest i have designed projects for a lot of people (through outsourcing) because I’m not getting any orders of my own, I got banned because of falsified information in my previous account I realized my mistakes & studied google articles then created Account :slight_smile: i just don’t know the reasons that’ why I asked for help if you have something that would actually help me then please do tell me

Thanks for ur advice. I will try my best to do it well

thanks man I’ll keep that advice of covers in my mind, I just want to start working a lot of people misguided me that also includes the YouTube guys when I was googling for answers i saw a lot of articles on this forum that’ why I approached directly in here I think about two weeks have passed that I’ve signed up for the forum I’ve read some articles & my current gigs are in according with the fiverr TOS and the good articles/information given here, but the real deal is the GETTING ORDERS, that’ where I’m getting nothing, nothing at all Boss, I see that you have gone through my gigs I really appreciate that & I want your help if you can go through my gigs one more time a little deeply to point out some mistakes or give me some pointers to reduce the price pr in revisions or something like that I’ll really appreciate that
Thanks :slight_smile:

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There lies your answer.

If Fiverr is showing your Gigs on their pages (impressions) but no one is actually clicking on your Gigs to find out more - then, it means there is something about your Gigs that just do not catch the buyer’s eye.

Are you in a category that is overrun with sellers - I mean packed in like sardines where everyone has the same boring stock image looking Gig? If so, that is a problem too.

I will sit on my hands making any comments about you being banned for false information and then creating a new account. Once banned on this site, you are not supposed to just circumvent the system by creating another account - no matter how much ‘research’ you did on the net. The research should have been done initially by reading the TOS so you would not break any of the sites rules and get banned in the first place. Darn, my hands got away from me. :laughing: