Not getting any orders new


Plz see my gigs and do order
I am anxiously waiting for any 1st order to be placed, its been a month here and not a single order yet.


please keep patience.hope you will get soon.


Thanks. is there any suggestions to do anything more to improve my gigs?


Kindly send buyers request every day


You gigs look good. Just be patient and send BR regularly


Try Something New things on Fiverr


try to make something unique and different.


Send buyer request daily hope you will get your 1st order sonn :slight_smile:


Buyer Request are only 10 they will not help you the Most. The way to get buyer attention is to promote gigs on social media on regular basis so you will be get noticed by Fiverr and they will rank you up on 1st page Believe that.


how will post there? when i post on Facebook they says its a link and links are locked to post