Not Getting Any orders or messages now. Please Help


Hello Everyone here. I am working on fiverr since a month. I was happy in the beginning I offered some unique gigs, I got good orders in the beginning, I almost earned upto $192 in a month. But its been a week that i am not getting any orders or any messages. Please take some time to check out my gigs and let me know what could be the problem? Any technical problem or My luck isn’t working for me :frowning:

Thanks :-h


Hi there,

Here is something you will like to hear: I have been promoting my gigs for over a couple of years, making 2 sales a month was big for me, till I came across a gig that said to look at my gig and tell me what was wrong. That was 2 months ago … and my sales started to pick up and in the past 2 months I have made over $700. My daily sales are now about $30 - $ 40 (I have no more time to advertise). Okay, here is the magic guy:

I only purchased the basic + the call to action graphic … Total $10

Good luck %%-



Reply to @magellon: Can you tell me what suggestions did he gave you?


I am going to order him

even I have same problem


As a person who has not made one sale, this would be very helpful. Thank you for posting this!


Reply to @samix1990: Nice try, then you won’t have to buy his gig hey?


No, I will surely buy that gig but for that I need some funds to load in my card :(. Anyways Thanks Alot for coming here and recommending us.