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Not getting any Orders so far

Hi All,

Please help me about how to get orders here. I am trying from past 2 months but not getting even a single order. I dont know what is the problem.

Please help!!

Hi there @kushalparekh13, I just checked your Gigs, and there is a lot you have to optimize. Firstly, your images look cheap. Try to add better once and at least 3 of them to each Gig.

Second, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have contacted the right person. We will do full On-Site & Off-Site SEO for your Wordpress & php websites to take your website from any page to the First Page of Google.

Why would you type this in your description when your client hasn’t even ordered yet??

Also in your bullets. You typed Page Orientation, but instead, it should be Page Optimization

Lower your prices and gradually you can increase when you have some buyers and reviews.

These are just a few of them, but there’s tons you have to change, honest!!

Good luck!!
Warmly, Humberto

Thanks a lot. I will try to make the changes as per your recommendations.