Not getting any orders!


I am really confused why I am not getting any orders these days. There are people offering same gig and having same status(Level Two) like mine are having like 20-40 orders in queue, but I don’t even have one right now. Its not like I am jealous of them or may be hate them instead I feel good for them, but I am just confused that what am I lacking. My gig is on the Home page of fiverr ( Ofcourse you have to scroll to very bottom).Not great but still a good position(Well atleast I consider).

So request to all the sellers to advise me on this, what should I do now to get back on track. Also have you ever faced any such phase on fiverr??

It will be really if just looked at my gigs (From the customer’s viewpoint) and gave me an advise on that.

NOTE: I am not trying to promote my gigs. Also I guess that I am Not violating community rules and regulations.


Reply to @lifeability:

Statement: I was not WOWed by your samples. They are ok

Comment: Everyone has a different perception of art, also I design stuff that makes my buyers happy and represents their business Perfectly, not what just look good and is unprofessional. But as you Said, I’ll definitely try harder and improve myself. :slight_smile:

Statement: increasing the number of samples would be better

comment: not all buyers who purchase my gigs leave feedback, also I never force them too, so that pretty much explains why you can’t see many samples there.

Statement: I have a hard time believing that I can get a quality logo in 24 hours.

Comment: Yes you can.If you are ready to pay extra(Extra fast I mean), Because then I’ll put you on top of the line. Also as I am a professional and as I have a good experience in logo design, it takes me only 3/4 hours to come up with a design.

Statement: “I only provide HIGH quality work” When you say this you are taking a risk

Comment: Yes I am taking a risk. But I am confident about my skills, that I will be able to come up with a design that makes you happy OR I would refund you your money. I don’t like to cheat my clients, and never would because in long term this will seriously affect my business on fiverr

Statement: This is just my perception, opinions - hopefully there is something in my ramblings you find helpful.

Comment: Thank you very much. I really appreciate that you spend your precious time to review my gigs. :slight_smile:


As marketing experts the answer is simple to us but may not be to you. What you need to do is to market your product, you need to send out press releases on what you are doing, visit relevant forums to promote your services, shout about your service on social networks and basically create a buzz about what you do




While @in2town is correct about promotion, it might be a bit premature and putting the cart before the horse so to speak.

You have 1 gig with over 50 positive reviews and 8 other gigs with no sales. I suggest suspending the other 8, and reworking the one with 50 reviews.

Try adding an attention getting headline that speaks to one person. Your headline talks about you. Put your Buyer in the headline. Create a sub headline that speaks further to to Buyer and the benefits of the gig.

Reverse the “What do I need” and “What you will get”. Put your buyer first and yourself last.

Rethink your call to action. Asking a buyer “What are you waiting for!” is not your best move. And asking a buyer to sit back relax and have a cup of coffee is nice, but does very little to support confidence in buying.

Promoting is great, but you’ve got to have a great offer to promote.

Good luck!


I wouldn’t worry too much. I have had a day or two with nothing and woke up with 9 orders in my queue. There doesn’t seem to be any method to it. I found your gig easily a couple of weeks back (remember?) lol. As picky as I am, I chose your gig after looking at about 20 others. No reason to feel low at all, it is just a competitive category.


and I should note that none of my gigs are anywhere near the category page. Just make sure your gig title reflects what people are searching for.


Don’t worry everything will be fine soon.


Just be patient, orders will come soon. just work on your descriptions a bit.


Reply to @in2town: thanx for this info I will definatly work on this.


Reply to @voiceoverwork: Thanx for this much needed suggestion.

I may be good at designing and some technical stuff, but when it comes to marketing and sales I am a total beginner. I am surely going to implement this! :slight_smile:


Reply to @akrause2112: Will do that.

Thanx for the encouragement. :slight_smile:


No orders for me either. I’m still waiting to pop my cherry and get my 1st order


I’m still waiting for an order too. I’ve made only gig related to art, shared them on social media. What’s next?


Helo, i have the same problem please somebody to help me i really need money i have some private problems, i want to make some money on fiverr. can you put me on the first time for a couple days ( ) this is my gig. please i really need help.

If you do this i will be the happiest man in the world.




Reply to @in2town: Yes, but s/he’s showing up on the SAME page as his/her competitors… So maybe OP’s saying what they are ALL already saying? or maybe OP’s saying something differently that customers aren’t catching?


This part ‘For more money’…"I will give you AI, EPS, PSD file and Font File "

I don’t understand why some graphics folks do this. If the LOGO IS MINE, why can’t I have everything that goes with it?

This is why I would not choose your gig, nor any others who do this.

I know you asked for SELLERS to help you, but I am the buyer…

Just a different point of view… A buyer’s view at that…

deafive said: I don't understand why some graphics folks do this. If the logo IS MINE, why can't I have everything that goes with it?

Most likely because it requires additional steps to create those files and they want to be paid a little extra for their time.

The logo is yours once you take delivery. But if you want it in 4 or 5 different formats, or 4 or 5 different colors or fonts, isn't the Seller entitled to a bit extra for the time required to make those options?


me too same situation i am here since 4 months i think i give a good gig but unfortunaly no order until now 8-|


Reply to @voiceoverwork: Exactly!


One of the challenges as a seller is trying to figure out what the heck buyers are thinking, what they think they want, what they actually want, and how they perceive what we put out there. I put on my Buyer hat and checked your second listing. Buyer perspective: I was not WOWed by your samples. They are ok, but maybe increasing the number of samples would be better. Right now I like 50%. If you had 10 samples that might change to 75% or higher. I have a hard time believing that I can get a quality logo in 24 hours. I am as impatient as the next guy - but this violates the rule: Fast, Good, Cheap - pick 2. You say: “I only provide HIGH quality work” When you say this you are taking a risk. If I don’t like your samples, then I will assume you and I have different idea of “high quality” This is just my perception, opinions - hopefully there is something in my ramblings you find helpful.