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Not getting any orders

Why am I not getting any orders? Other sellers seem to have multiple jobs piling up!

Are you promoting your gigs anywhere? Do your gigs have good search tags and eye-catching images? Are you offering services that buyers are looking for?

There are a lot of things that you could be doing to improve and promote your gig. You are not guaranteed orders merely because your gig is hosted on Fiverr. You’ll need to treat your gig like a business if you want to build it’s success. Sitting back and waiting for orders isn’t a strong success strategy.

Yes I think the images are ok and I am constantly tweeting on Fiverr and posting on Facebook. I am not sure how good the search tags are but I have tried to use the ones most relevant.

Do you have a blog yet? I would recommend to create one where you discuss your gigs. Perhaps post the best reviews and give more samples. And link back to fiverr. Do a bit of marketing and promoting for that blog and you’ll soon have an another solid source of traffic.

And to get more sales through Fiverr, do your best to provide more than what others do to give people a reason to choose your gig and not the one next to yours.

I have a website which has a blog on it? can I use a personal business website for this?


Just posting your gig links on Twitter and Facebook is not going to do you any good. You need to be promoting your gig where your desired buyers are located. Consider this: are your friends and followers on Twitter and Facebook looking for a virtual assistant or someone who offers Powerpoint presentations, Excel, database work and spreadsheets? Probably not.

Promote your gigs where business professionals that need those particular services are located. Anything else is just screaming into the wind, hoping someone passing by hears you. Target your promotional work, and you’ll likely find the kind of sales that you’re looking for.

Any site/blog can be used for promoting your gigs, as long as it’s related to your gigs so people visiting your blog will be interested in your gigs as well.

I actually find facebook really useful as you can target per interests, location etc.

Yes, but most people don’t use that feature. Kudos to you for finding a way to make your standard posts a little more beneficial.

Are there any decent blogs dedicated to business profesonals on the web? Most blogs don’t support promoting I’m at a loss at the moment :frowning: