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Not getting any response from buyers since last week

Hi Guys!!!

I am level two seller on fiver and I am well settled on fiverr now with my projects :slight_smile:

But from last week I am not getting any project.

I am using all my 10 offers daily to bid on the projects on buyer request page but no one is replying back to me :slight_frown:

This never happened before as I used to get at least 5 projects out of 10 offers daily but this week is not good for me at all.

I want to know is it normal or something wrong with my account or anything else…??

Please let me know as I am in trouble right now…??

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Everything Looks good on your profile, maybe it’s a rough patch for you and which will go away soon. keep sending buyer request daily. happy days will come again.

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Thank You Sir your comment gave me satisfaction :slight_smile:

Hello @raj2016 such type of stuff happens quite often on Fiverr. I would suggest not to withdraw funds for a time when you also experience a downfall.

Moreover, this is something that many people have experienced. When they started, they went on Level 1, then 2, and then from there on, the orders and clicks started going down. It is a life cycle. It happens and will happen. So don’t worry :slight_smile:

Aren’t you new on fiverr ?

And how does not withdrawing funds relates to it ?

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