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Not getting any response from support for past 3 days


Its been 3 days I’m not getting any response from the Fiverr support, I need to cancel the order and my buyer isn’t accepting the request because he wants to leave a bad review or he wants to get the chance to cancel the order forcefully, I have tried sending the request few times he just declines.

Can anyone help me and tell me what should I do.

I want to cancel because he’s going out of the scope of the order,


what is the case status ? open ?


Yes its been 3 days the status is open but no solution was provided, if they didnt canceled the order the buyer will do it forcefully which will make issue for me.


Neither buyer nor seller can cancel an order forcefully from their side, only support can do that.

If the buyer doesn’t accept but also doesn’t decline the request, i.e., does nothing, the order will automatically be canceled 48 hours (I think, not sure though, consult Seller Help Center for correct time) after you sent him your cancellation request.

If the buyer declined the request, you can request again, or ask support if you don’t think there’s a chance to settle it with the buyer (you did already).

If you both send a cancellation request to your buyer yourself and ask support to cancel for you, you kind of prevent them to do what you want, cancel the order, because they probably are bound to wait out the time your cancellation request granted your buyer for a reply.

However, what do do now… What I’d do is politely ask again if they could cancel the order (repeat reason/s, in a concise and precise form) - important: use the same ticket you opened for the issue (you can add to it), don’t create a new one.

Good luck!