Not getting any response


I am sharing my gigs in different social media groups but still not getting any response, orders and buyer requests. Please share your kind suggestions and review my gigs.

Sana Fiaz


If you are new user to fiverr so you have to be more patience ,
i hope you will get order ,
Best of Luck :blush:


thanks but i am not new user and i got my last order 7 month ago :expressionless:


This is good;


patience is the only key for your problem and stay positive you’ll get what you need, :slight_smile:


thanks, but have you viewed the profile


yes i’ve viewed your profile and it seem very fine to me


Hi Sana,

Social media doesn’t work for everyone and if you don’t know how to leverage social media then maybe you need to hire a consultant or a professional.

Look, you’re on a freelancing platform where buyers come to purchase the type of service you offer. You don’t need to convince them that they need the service, you just need to stand out from the crowed so that they purchase your service.

What are you doing to stand out?

  • You’re using stock photos for the gig thumbnails like every other seller
  • Your pricing range is at the same level
  • You claim to manage social media accounts, but where are the samples? Which accounts have you managed and what was the value you added?

Look at your competition and put yourself in customer’s shoes. What makes you stand out?


okay thanks :slightly_smiling_face: