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Not getting any sales from 3 months

Its been around 3 months and I am not getting any sales or even a message from people. I had optimized my gigs and after that this happened. Please guide me.

Appears that your gigs are suspended. Make sure that your gigs are live.

Looks like you have no gig active…

Are you sure your Gigs were not deleted from SEARCH by Fiverr?

This happened to me & basically you can just pack up :frowning:

Reply to @celticmoon: I wasn’t suggesting you buy a video from me. Even Fiverr recommends you add videos to get more buyer.

Sorry, just trying to be helpful here LOL!


All of my gigs are active.


All of my gigs are active.


I am guessing you are right.

Reply to @great_teacher:

Do you know why that happened? Did you violate any rules?

Reply to @html5_website: Your rating is not particularly high, although not terrible, but all your gigs have no sales showing. So it looks as if you deleted all your previous gigs so the bad reviews can’t be read, and that can appear dishonest or evasive to potential buyers.

They can see exactly what your rating is, but have no idea why. Human nature often presumes the worst.

Try adding a video to your gigs :slight_smile:

Gigs with video sell a lot more and people tend to buy more from the sellers that have video.

Personally I would never buy a gig if it doesn’t have video.

Try it and see if it helps :wink:

@chrisleevella Wow. Fortunately for me, I DO have buyers despite not having a video. Personally, I think having a video for my gigs would be utterly pointless. But I guess you feel the way you do because you are a seller of videos, and I shouldn’t expect you to ever buy one of my gigs. Fair enough.

I had nothing for 3 weeks, all of a sudden back up and running 2 orders in 2 days! Hope it is on the up again and I get more. And I hope you get some orders soon :slight_smile:

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