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Not getting any sales? That's not a bad thing

I haven’t had a lot of sales these past weeks that I’ve returned, and at first I was kind of down and depressed. Started freaking a little, and tweaking my gigs a little more.

It kind of hit me though. Why should we worry about it? Why freak out about it? It kind of hit me that in this crazy and amazing marketplace that we get to be a part of; a little break isn’t such a bad thing. In fact I think it’s a great thing.(only my opinion of course)

When you’re waiting this is such a great way to gain your focus.

-Take time harnessing the knowledge of your craft- study more into your techniques, learn new ones. Whatever it is that tickles your fancy, or whatever your offering don’t stop learning! There are no masters, because knowledge is endless.

-Instead of freaking, learn about SEO- There are endless amounts of information like forums,blogs, videos, tools available to us all for free. Use every social media outlet. Take that time learning how make yourself more heard by others rather than begging people for sales.

-Learn by other sellers- NO this doesn’t mean copy their gig!!! Check how they have their stuff set up though. You don’t need to spam them with messages, or bug them for tips. The tips are right there, and if you take the time to study the core of what makes that gig tick that’s where your answer is. Take that knowledge and apply it to your own style in a way that’s unique and shows the world who you are.

So many tips are already available throughout the forum. The main tip I have I guess “Is to spend time doing what you love doing”, The more passionate you become, and the more knowledge you gain will allow you to become better and stronger at what you do, and before you know it you’ll get that sale you spent all of that time that you could have spent being negative about. That means when you finally get it you’ll be ready, and way more confident.

Stay positive and don’t give into the negative! Peace&Respect

Exactly, and don’t just rely on Fiverr…explore other sources of income…such as affiliate marketing, writing ebooks, YouTube marketing etc. Try to create passive sources of income, in particular. I don’t know about your specific talents, whatever they are, try to make the most of them. Explore offline opportunities as well, not just online. Just keep busy, no matter what you do. Educate yourself, keep busy and keep learning and keep improving. That’s what life is about. All the best!

also extremely great ideas man! Don’t dwell Excel!

it’s so funny. literally right after I posted this up, I got a sale. It is so amazing how positivitity can change a situation so fast!

Yes that is very true, and also not stressing or worrying can do wonders. Putting negative mental energy into something has a negative effect on it.

That’s so true misscrystal. When you find your self feeling that negativity and you give into it, it not only affects what you’re focused on. It spreads further until you decide to fight back with good thoughts and positivity.

Also taking some kind of action in a positive way can give something a big boost. Showing you are willing to put effort into something has an effect that is magnified.

Well said!

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Nick, you are not allowed to advertise here…please use “My Fiverr Gigs” for this.

Useful tips.Thanks

nice post!! i am also not getting sales in this week as compared to last few months and now i am giving time to my friends and family… i hope we come stronger next time :smiley:

Thanks for the suggestion. Can you put more details on how to advertise?

that sounds like a beautiful way to use that extra time! and dont hope. We will be stronger next time, because we’re amazing!


Thank you friend!

Started mine gig couple of weeks ago, I know it’s not enough time to get first sale. I was kinda down, then I started promoting on social medias and noticed increase in views/clicks. Anyway, great tips for newbies like myself.

I’m thinking in my downtime I’m going to apply for that billionaire position I’ve been hearing so much about recently.

Google is our friend. :smiley:

Great tips. It is always refreshing to see someone post genuine tips rather than just copy pasted tips about social networking and promoting the gig on facebook, twitter yada yada yada …

Your positivity is reflecting through your post and I’m glad it was the first thing i read on a lazy Sunday morning.