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Not getting any sales?

Hi all, I’ve got several gigs up and they have been up for a while but I haven’t had any sales. Anyone have any suggestions? I’ve been sharing on social media but most of them have several hundred impressions but no sales.

Thank you in advance for any feedback.

it must be due to competition and high rated seller in the niche you are providing your service in, you need to be little unique and provide little extra then the other sellers in the beginning, also take a look at my other discussion on boosting your sales.

You need to be unique and best

yes… absolutely…

The thing is that one year ago Fiverr was running with way less sellers than nowadays. The difficulty is increasing day by day. But there is the fact of being unique, do a 5 stars work and not canceling orders. There is many other aspects being involve on the fiverr ratings, but being quick and making your clients happy, is pretty important.

Reply to @orangelab: Do you always “talk” to yourself? At least you agree with you!

Competition is high on fiverr, I noticed that when I joined. One of my gigs for a Morgan Freeman gig was up against many established gigs. Just be professional and believe in your product and sales will come.

yes you are right

I agree with all that has been said. And if you know that you will be temporarily unavailable, put your vacation on, instead of going silent. I also recommend you contacting your past customers to find out how they liked your service, that you’d be happy to help them again, or how they think you could improve.

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Thank you all for your kind words and advice. I didn’t mean to not respond. I didn’t realize I wouldn’t see notifications for the forum unless logged into it.

It seems that time was the key element here. Since posting this question I received a few buyers who left positive reviews and since then the clients have been coming in steady and seem to like the work. I appreciate everyones help very much.