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Not getting any sales :(


I’m new to Fiverr(tho I didn’t know I had an account since 3 years…) and I just made a new gig( The problem I’m facing is that I’m getting no sales. I only have gotten 1 click and 2 views since I set up this gig. I read online that using the Fiverr forum helps. I make all the designs myself and I have had the opportunity to design shirts for a small local brand but now I want my designs to be global and this isn’t helping. What more should I do?
Thank you,


me too :frowning: no sales


Friends no worries. Here are few my suggestions

  1. wait for few more days
  2. create more gigs
  3. send offer to buyers


Thank you for the suggestions. Will apply them. :slight_smile:


I would suggest changing your gig title from this: I will make a CREATIVE typographic tshirt for teespring

To this: I will create a TYPOGRAPHIC design for Teespring in 3 days (or however long it takes you)

I will warn you that Teespring isn’t as popular as it used to be, there are too many people selling t-shirts nowadays.

Good luck!


Thank you so much for that, I actually didn’t mention teespring but I saw nearly everyone mentioning that. After googling it, I saw I was okay with it so I mentioned it.


send offer also need to best review on gig, need rate over 90%


Make sure to create a gig that people actually need.
You can also share it on your social media and have your friends be the first ones to purchase your gigs.


Use buyer request. I get most of my jobs from there. You can’t really sit around, do nothing and expect business. Not unless you have a massive return customer base, anyway. That sort of thing takes time to build.

Alternatively, you could advertise externally. I’m not one to ask about that though.


I am doing that. :slight_smile:
Thank you.


Thank you for that, I learnt about this yesterday and applied to two buyers requests. :slight_smile:


You’re welcome. The goal is to have a gig title that gets clicks and communicates the most important things without being redundant. Teespring already sounds like T-Shirt, and since Fiverr doesn’t allow to use dashes (-) in your gig title, it’s a better word.


Make sure you have tags that you would search for if you were looking for this kind of work.


You can try participating in forums, like me… hi…


you need to seo optimize your all gigs and must be check title, description and TAGS also.

must be promote in social media and other platforms also.



Thank you. I tried tagging my gig with as appropriate tags as possible. that’s why I have gotten 5 impressions. :slight_smile:


Please give suggestions on title and description.
Thank you.



Try to use some attractive mock up image for your gig image. Also try to reduce the delivery time. Most of the buyers looking for fast service :slight_smile:

Thank You


accually true this comment.I am agreed to you.

Best Offer:


I am agree to sajjadrajper,try to maintain this rules you must be success.