Not getting any traffic upon reactivating gigs


Hi All,

I am currently a level 2 seller and I have completed nearly 70 orders while maintaining 100% positive ratings. However due to my academics I had to stay away from fiverr for nearly 3 months. I deactivated the gigs without using the vacation mode.

However, once I try to get back into sales (after finishing my academics) I noticed that I am not getting any IMPRESSIONs, CLICKS or VIEWS to my gigs as I used to get before. Earlier I received more than 4000 impressions to majority of the gigs. But even a month after reactivating my gigs, I am not getting any traffic at all. (PLEASE VIEW THE ATTACHED IMAGE)

Therefore, it appears like fiverr has removed my gigs from search results :confused: Is there any way to get back into sales. I badly want to be back in business since fiverr has always treated me awesome :slight_smile: Please let me know what I can do regarding this.

Hope this is recoverable and I won’t have to make a new account from scratch :slight_smile: Please be kind enough to help me on this :slight_smile:

Link to my account:

Thank you,


It will take a while to gain the ground you lost. When I went on vacation for the first time ever for a week, it took at least a month to gain what I had lost in impressions and orders. So give it some time.


it almost a month now :confused:

Only getting 0- 2 clicks a day


Right. That was my experience too.


You can check back on old customers,I’m sure that will help also.