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Not getting any views on my gig!


Nowadays I only get between 2-3 views, and yesterday I got 0 views. Why is this happening? I have a ton of impressions but no views. I used to get between 10-15 views.
In addition, I have gotten no orders from my gig. My description looks good to me and the title is good as well. Please critique my gig in detail here =
Thanks in advance!
(P.S.) I respond to buyer requests daily, but no one accepts the offers.


If you have a lot of impressions, but no views, that usually means that there’s something not working with your gig title, or your gig image. People are searching for similar gigs, but when they see yours show up in the search results, they have no interest in clicking your gig listing to learn more.

This means that you might be wise to change your gig title, image, and/or lowest price.


Target Specific clients by categorising your gig with perfect tags!
as you make videos, search for a trendy business and make a gig specifically only for thatbusiness ! make couple of gigs , will see the difference in few days!
your price little high as a new seller!


Hi, can you check my gig page and give me detailed advice on what I should change? Thanks!