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Not getting buyer's attention after my first order

Hello there,

I got my first order 3 weeks ago and I delivered it within timeline and also got 5 stars rating with positive feedback from the buyer.

Why am I not getting my next order? Even my gig statistics show positive impressions.

Any idea? Please suggest me improvements to my gigs.

Thank You.

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Getting one order doesn’t mean you’ll get more and impressions mean nothing. Think of it this way: thousands of people see a billboard on a highway every day. Does that automatically mean the advertising company will get business? No. Not at all. Don’t equate impressions with likelihood of a sale. It doesn’t work that way.

Your gigs are have huge competition. I don’t know why so many sellers create gigs that are almost exactly the same as hundreds of other gigs. Do some research and create gigs based on what people want, but not many other people are doing. Your gigs just say “I will do x task” for you. That doesn’t convey your value. I can write songs for people, but that doesn’t indicate if I have talent, if my songs perform well for clients, etc.


Very nice info. Only if it’s understood and acted upon. haha… :wink:

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Unfortunately most sellers don’t take advice or do their own research.

hah! That’s why we have you! :joy:

Thank you very much @humanissocial.