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Not getting buyers request


Its about a week that I am not getting buyers request…I got only 3-4 buyers request per day…what could be the reason?


Are you referring to buyers sending you a message about custom offers?


I dont think so. I guess she is referring to new requests in the buyer request section…


Buyer’s request has taken a hit after the quite recent update.
That could be one of the reason.


Yes, I face also this problem, and i think also that after fiverr update i am not getting buyer request, i don’t know why i am not getting buyer request, Even some times my buyer request show empty.
What is the exactly reason for this.


yes…i am asking about new requests at the buyers request section…


I’m new and my buyer request tab is empty too. until now, I was blaming myself for being new. I thought newbie deserve less :unamused::unamused::unamused:


facing the same problem. i also thought its because i’m new to this. :slight_smile:


What’s going wrong with Buyer Request section. I also face this problem from last week. I it don’t fix.


I also contacted customer support for this…but they replied that they cant help regarding this as its all depends on hw I created my gig…bt I am facing this problem for about two weeks although I hav not made any change in my gig and I was getting the requests before this two weeks…


I am confused that how it depend on gig, because i modify my gig, but result is same.


Buyers request section has requests based on the services and categories of your gig…you may update your gig but your services remains the same and so the buyers request result remain the same…i think you are lucky that you receives buyers request…My buyers request section is empty from a long time instead of providing graphic designing services…and the wonder is neither me or anybody knows here at fiverr that how to resolve the issue…CS himself seems helpless as i think they don’t know exactly what the criteria…so disappointed…