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Not Getting Buyers : Something Wrong With My Gigs?

My name is Alim, a graduate of English and Literary Studies. I recently graduated from school and decided to sign up here while i await the next phase of my life. According to my degree, I offer writing /proofreading gigs. But so far, i haven’t attracted the kind of buyers i wish. I know fiverr is very competitive and there are people who have been here for years. My issue is buyers are not ready to give new sellers a chance, i mean we are the one that’ll handle your task with care and accuracy because we want to impress and get good ratings.
So far, my experience here has been priceless, from browsing through like gigs, viewing profiles of successful sellers and more, i just can’t stop wishing to be like them. I am willing and ready to undertake any task related to my field (kindly browse through my profile for more information), and i also do forum posts because i am always online. I just need buyers to believe in me and order my gig. I believe with my first rating /review, I’ll be out to impress.
Alim :wave:

You’d impress people more by not posting the same post over and over again. Also, as a proofreader, you really should capitalize your I, and there’s no need for a space when using / or :.

There’s plenty more, of course, but this post is not enhancing your chances in the slightest. Go to buyer’s requests and maybe don’t pretend to be a proofreader.

I would say I’d be hesitant to hire you based on your profile:
“I’m Alim, A Graduate Of English And Literary Studies, With A Bachelors Degree In English. I Am A Writer, Researcher And Critique With Years Of Experience. I Also Offer Translation Services In Either English Or French. My Clients Satisfaction Have Always Been My Priority.”

You should not capitalize every word. The last line has two grammatical errors; it should read: “My clients’ satisfaction has always been my priority.”

In looking at two of your gig descriptions, my impression is that you are someone who is not detail-oriented, because I notice typos and small grammatical errors. You should take some extra time to put time and effort into making your gig descriptions read at the same caliber of the products you are promising to deliver.

Thank’s alot @amandygran I’ll look into correcting them as soon as possible.

@emmaki Thanks for the criticism. Didn’t intentionally post thesame thing over and over again, a rookie’s mistake i guess. But thanks for pointing out some errors i wouldn’t have noticed on my own.