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Not getting clicks on my Gig-

Hello Amazing people,

Hope you guys are doing great. Just came to Fiverr around days ago and created a gig.
Now i see number of Impression on my gig but cant see the clicks. Is there anything wrong with my gig that is not attracting client to click on it.

Can anyone you check my profile and guide me where i can improve.



Hi welcome to the Fiverr community :partying_face:

That is normal, some of us wait a couple of months with all of our effort (sending buyer requests, share on social media, and many more).

My suggestion is don’t easy to give up, try and try again
Try to mimic how successful contributors deliver their profile description and keep active on the forum and you will get the information that you need


Don’t be impatient or worried. May be it is normal issues. I am also facing the same problem


Thank you for your reply will surely try my level best